AirPoint® Ring is an invention that combines a ring-shaped finger wearable unit which offers 3D navigation and a rechargeable cubical cradle.

Specs and Technical Details


AirPoint® Ring
  • 36mm x 32mm x 39mm
  • Bottom Side Length : 31mm
  • Weight : < 50 grams
AirPoint® Charger
  • 65mm x 66mm x 68mm
  • Weight : 100 grams


  • AirPoint® Ring
  • AirPoint® Charger
  • 3 Finger Size Adapters : Large, Medium, Small
  • Charging Cable (USB Type C)
  • User Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide


Bluetooth Low Energy Enabled Device
  • Windows® 8 or later, macOS® 10.10 or later
Limited Functionalities (no Software)
  • Chrome OSTM
  • AndroidTM 5.0 or later
  • AirPoint® (macOS® 10.14 and later, Windows® 10 and later)


1 – Year Limited Hardware Warranty



Connection Type
  • Bluetooth 5 wireless connection
Wireless Operating Range
  • 100 ft (40m) average
Battery Life
  • 8-10 hours after fully charged
Battery Capacity
  • 65 mAh, AirPoint® Ring
  • 750 mAh, AirPoint® Charger
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • LED Optical Sensor
  • Tactile Switches and Capacitive Touchpad
Customer Reviews

AirPoint® Ring Features

AirPoint® Ring for

Enter the new world of also using your desktop mouse as a sleek 3D presentation tool. A dual mode of operation provides endless possibilities of interactivity.


You have already connected and collaborate using technology with your friends in your spare time. The same can be done in the classroom.

People of all ages stay connected 24/7. Classrooms are no exception. A modern classroom is a collaborative space where innovative teaching builds on centralized tasks demanding instant communication between students and teachers. Unlock the learning potential of groups with fingertip wearable units of our AirPoint® mouse. Imagine groups of students able to share and engage ideas with the entire class by controlling the classroom computer without ever having to leave their seats!

Eco-friendly design

Unlimited possibilities for creative activities

Instant connectivity

AirPoint® Ring for

Clunky presentation clickers are things of the past. The on-the-go modular design and long battery life make the AirPoint® mouse an excellent travel companion.


Creative professionals deliver dynamic presentations by going beyond clicking through boring presentation slides.

Gone are the days of interrupted presentation flow due to distracting migration between podium and audience; Multimedia presentations are made easy with our AirPointTM mouse. The intuitive finger-wearable module makes transitions seamless and uninterrupted. The AirPoint® mouse Ribbon empowers the presenter to be with their audience to command attention. Turn conference halls, meeting rooms, lecture halls, ballrooms, etc. into magical dimensions of interactivity.

Attain proximity to your audience

Command excellence

Enjoy the ultimate travel companion

AirPoint® Ring for

We all want to kick back our chairs and browse the internet from comfort. The futuristic design of our AirPoint® mouse Ribbon makes control possible from anywhere.

Sit back and relax while your finger does the work

Users prefer to use their devices from the comfort of their couch. AirPointTM ®mouse is the perfect home companion!

An excellent home companion is here. When you want to relax, use your computer from the comfort of your home’s throne. Simply wear the AirPoint® mouse Ribbon on a finger and enjoy the freedom of controlling the host device from your bed or couch. AirPoint® mouse is the ideal tool for gaming, surfing the web, navigating your playlists, watching movies and it supports countless other functions. Want the desktop mouse back? Simply place the AirPoint® mouse Ribbon into the mouse and you’re good to go. AirPoint® mouse adapts to your lifestyle.

Meet the perfect home companion

Enrich your lifestyle

Take control of your destiny

Common FAQ's and Troubleshooting Steps

  Wearing AirPoint® Ring

While wearing AirPoint® Ring, ensure that the magnetic connector (refer the image below) is in the direction facing fingernails and the LED indicator (refer the image below) in the opposite direction.

  Pairing light turns off after 3 minutes 30 seconds

If no connection is made to the AirPoint® Ring for a steady 3 minutes 30 seconds, the green led in the mouse will stop glowing, and the device will disappear from the Bluetooth devices list to save charge.
To connect again, turn off and turn on the device.

  Mouse cursor movement is fast on a surface

Cursor speed adjustment can be done from the system settings.
macOS – System Preferences > Mouse > set the tracking speed by sliding
Windows – Settings > Devices > Mouse settings > Additional mouse options > Pointer options > set the pointer speed by sliding

  AirPoint® goes disconnected after several seconds of inactivity

All Bluetooth mouses goes into hibernation to conserve charge. AirPoint® Ring enter this state after 60 seconds of inactivity.
In a state of sleep mode, any simple act to the device will wake it.

  Update to AirPoint® Ring failed

There could be several reasons for a failed firmware update of the device. In any case, turn off and turn on the AirPoint® Ring to bring it back to its normal working.

  AirPoint® Ring shows ‘connecting…’. Takes more than usual time to connect.

While connecting, if device shows ‘connecting’ – wait for a minute, but even after 1 min, if device still shows connecting without getting connected, then, turn off and turn on the device and try connecting again.

  Cannot obtain 40m range with AirPoint® Ring

Check updates in your system and update your Bluetooth driver to access Bluetooth 5 features that AirPoint® Ring holds.

  How to remove AirPoint® Ring from MAC? When the small close icon near to the device name is clicked, PC shows ‘connecting…’.

To remove AirPoint® from MAC systems, right click on the device name and select ‘Remove’ option.

  Not able to disconnect AirPoint® from menu bar in MAC

If you want to disconnect AirPoint® Ring, turn off the device.

  Left click touchpad is not accessible in 2D mode

While using as a surface mouse, use the finger button that acts as a left-click.

  No cursor movement with the device after prolonged usage in Mac system

♦ Make sure the AirPoint® Ring is turned ON
♦ Verify that AirPoint® Ring is in a ‘connected’ state in the Bluetooth list of the host device.
♦ If the device is in ‘connected’ state and no pointer movement, then remove the device from the Bluetooth device list and connect again.
♦ Turn the device OFF and then turn ON by sliding the power button.