Technology Consulting Services

Complete Support & Consulting Services for Schools

Through Magnima’s custom technology consulting services, we help schools integrate research-based educational technology to increase student engagement, creativity, achievement and leadership.

Navigating the ever-changing technological landscape to meet the educational needs of students can be challenging for school administrators and teachers. We offer technology consulting services to schools in implementing STEM programs such as robotics, 3D design and printing, drones for video and photography, virtual reality, interactive whiteboards, and other innovative educational technologies. Backed by extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of educational technology, our expert consultation team delivers the best value solutions to our client schools and professionals.

Industry Experience

Our team includes credentialed teachers with extensive professional experience collaborating with cutting-edge engineers to design tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of each client school. If no off-the-shelf solutions are available, we provide custom design, development, deployment, and training. Turning our passion for teaching and learning into solutions, we empower schools to discover solutions to improve student achievement.

Application Expertise

Developing apps on your own can be a daunting task. We develop high-quality apps for our clients by offering end-to-end development services. From requirement analysis to architecture layout, user interface design, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance, we are committed in achieving excellence. All phases of the project are managed by qualified teams with experience in industry-leading technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

At Magnima, the goal of our technology consulting services is to help the students at your school reach their full potential through a combination of tech and education. With our proven techniques, our work has been shown to improve student performance across a number of metrics, providing them greater opportunities in their futures. Our focus on improving STEM education also helps educators improve their own teaching abilities in the process. For more information on any of our products and services, give Magnima a call today!