Corporate Profile

Magnima Technologies

Magnima LLC is a subsidiary of the Brothers of St. Patrick, an international Roman Catholic religious congregation engaged in providing quality education for underprivileged communities in both advanced and developing nations across the globe. The congregation currently provides education in Ireland, India, Australia, USA, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, and Ghana through a network of both congregation-operated schools and local schools. Established in 2017 by the Californian Brothers of St Patrick, Magnima develops technology to address 21st century educational needs; Turning real-world classroom experience into engineering solutions, we deliver innovative solutions to enhance teaching and learning.

Our Values

Our Values

Our Ethics

We're service-oriented and understand that people come first.

Play as a Team

Multi-disciplinary teams of teachers and engineers working together.

Build with Heart & Balance

We value a healthy work-life balance that harmonizes a sense of purpose with the satisfaction of enjoyment.


Firmware, Circuit Design, Apps, Internet of Things (IoT), Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Magnima’s Mission

Technology is the great equalizer in giving students access to a quality education, regardless of their socio-economic limitations. Magnima’s mission is to provide educational institutions with innovative, scalable, and cost-effective products, solutions, and services. By envisioning next generation classrooms, Magnima endeavors to deliver inventions that release and magnify human potential.

Our educational presence around the world

Extending the gift of education to all corners of the world since 1808. Serving students from all nationalities with deep respect for local cultures.

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