Wearable Mouse Ring

Omnipresent touchscreens have restored the human finger’s status as the primary user input agent. Bridging the computer mouse with the touch world requires innovative design. Magnima’s revolutionary product line of AirPoint® wearable mouse ring equips users for unfettered interactivity.

Integrated Chip

Designs using a state-of-the-art Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) chip deliver innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


Consultation provided for schools to integrate robotics kits to promote STEM education - Customized solutions that meet the needs of every school.

Core Programming

Specialization in firmware development to bring hardware to life. Delivering quality software development in C, C++, Java, and in all major programming languages.

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The AirPoint® Mouse

A 2-in-1 mouse, designed with flexibility and quality in mind.

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  • 01Integrated Chip

    Designed using a state-of-the-art Bluetooth LE chip and optimized for wireless range, AirPoint ® Mouse’s sleek and versatile design puts the control in your fingertip.

    02A Hidden Gem

    The bonnet of the mouse opens to reveal the AirPoint® Mouse Ribbon, which rises for easy retrieval.

    03Dual Mode Operation

    Seamless transition between surface motion sensing and 3D motion tracking. Automatically selects mode of operation by detecting user movement of the mouse across a surface or in space.

    04Beveled Cavity for Sensor Unit Storage

    State-of-the-art mechanical assembly furnishes for convenient storage and retrieval of the AirPoint ® Mouse Ribbon.

    05Our Space Mouse: The AirPoint® Mouse Ribbon

    A 3D motion tracking device with built in buttons and surface tracking sensor, allowing you to command the space you're in with poise and brevity. Flexible design of the unit allows it to accommodate all finger sizes.

    06Easy-Access Button

    Ergonomically placed on the side of the device, this small button grants you extra control over your domain. Whether it's clicking to operate with familiarity or utilizing the button coupled with more complex gestures, the AirPoint® Mouse Ribbon's combination of 3D motion tracking and buttons puts the power in your fingertip.

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    AirPoint® Ring

    The world is progressing by coupling human finger taps to touchscreen interfaces. As a part of this transition, Magnima’s ingenious product range of AirPoint® wearable mouse ring, is the much-needed bridge between the computer mouses to the touch world.

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